About me


My name is Andrea Olivotto, I'm 34 years old. My favorite hobbies are photography, scuba (3rd degree FIPSAS CMAS), reading, sports.
I'm an Electronic Engineer (graduated in Padua in february 2000) At this moment I'm R&D chief in B&B Proget, a small company in Ponte di Piave.

My gear

In october 2004 I bought a Minolta A1, then in April 2006 I sold it and bought my current Minolta 7D.

My family

Apart photography, computers, scuba, cars, sports, TV, music and many other things, my love is Stefania ;-).
Isn't she beautyful? She is beautyful, sweet, lovely, intelligent, a veri nice person. That's why I really do love her.
Leonardo and Gabriele are my two beautiful sons.

Where I live

I live in Susegana, a small village about 60 kilometers in the north of Venice. The picture above is the castle of Susegana.

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